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reLISTEN #11: Shazam

Today's reLISTEN edition #11 brings you a selection of five tracks discovered via the recognition app Shazam.

Photo by Sandy Kawadkar / Unsplash

Do you remember when it was a hassle to figure out which song you hear right now? However, when smartphones rose to the all-encompassing devices, the app Shazam also came into our lives and empowered us to research a track with the push of a button.

Although I’m not a regular Shazam user, the app comes in handy here and there. So I thought I share five songs I discovered thanks to “shazamming” them.

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Edition #105

Edition #105

Today, we recommend the new songs by Porcelain Id, Schmack, sad dad, One Sentence. Supervisor, and Valentino Vivace.

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