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reLISTEN #10: Sadness

In the 10th edition of reLISTEN lies sadness. I present five of the saddest songs I know.

Photo by Matthew Henry / Unsplash

Music's power to evoke emotions is unmatched. I'm constantly staggered by how artists can trigger a vast range of feelings—from excitement and nostalgia to love and melancholia.

However, today's edition of reLISTEN revolves around one particular emotion: sadness. And yes, many of you might think it's a bold and unnecessary collection. Because who wants to feel sad for no reason?

But I would argue that sad music has a healing, cathartic effect. We usually avoid socially unaccepted feelings as they're seen as weaknesses. Today's selection of songs is, therefore, a small and tender rebellion. So close your eyes and do nothing else but listen to these songs and your heart.

Aisha Badru – Splintered

The airy voice of New York singer-songwriter Aisha Badru carries you into a world of vivid lyrics. Splintered slowly builds up to overwhelming instrumental magnificence, contrasting her whispering singing and the supporting choral. It's a song about our disconnection, about humanity—filled with Weltschmerz.

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