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Demonic Violins

RAVAGE premiere their new track «Demon Lover» today. It is a daring, haunting sound.

The sound is like a hellish abyss—noisy, loud, and chaotic. A swirl of sound, a dance of two devilish violins whipped by an unforgiving drum.

Demon Lover by French trio RAVAGE is an experiment exploring the wild, sometimes dark underbelly of noise and doom. And, frankly, it is not for everyone.

Photo: Pierre Veyser

Bastien Pelenc and Mathieu Werchowski extract a range of haunting sounds from their violins that sound as loud and bulldozing as a post-rock band. Adding Anthony Laguerre's daring extended drums, their song becomes the soundtrack of an ungodly ceremony. Archaic, blasphemous, but highly intriguing.

The track celebrates its premiere today with Negative White:

The video, recorded in May 2023 by Pierre Veyser at the band's first residency at La Fonderie du Mans in France, feels like uncovered footage of a ritual where the band conjures these extreme sounds—growing more unstable with the musician's relentless escalation.

But as contemporary and maybe weird Demon Lover seems, it is nothing but captivating in its ferocious delivery—and an appropriate teaser for what might come in the future of RAVAGE.