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Mind Wanderer: Songs for Reflection and Deep Work

We launch «Mind Wanderer», our new and exclusive playlist with a blend of ambient, instrumental, and lo-fi tracks for introspection, relaxation or deep work.

Are you listening to music while working, thinking, and generating new ideas? Then, «Mind Wanderer» is the playlist you want in your pocket.

With its blend of ambient sounds, neo-classical compositions, and lo-fi tunes, it helps you get into the flow and deep work or encourages you to reflect and let your mind roam freely.

For the launch, «Mind Wanderer» features 25 carefully selected songs. Over the coming weeks, the playlist will grow to 50 tracks.

Frequent Updates & Exclusivity

«Mind Wanderer» will receive regular updates accompanied by a short post showing which tracks left or entered the playlist. So, if you ever wonder which tracks have already been featured or missed to save a specific song, these update posts can help.

«Wrecked» will also be an exclusive offer for our paying members. Join here with a 30-day free trial and enjoy this headbanger playlist and much more.