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My 10 Favourite Songs of 2023 So Far

So far, I have curated 90 new songs this year for Weekly5. Here are ten of my personal favourites.

Our playlist curation Weekly5 is currently in its summer break. So far, I have selected 90 tracks in 2023. So, it's the perfect opportunity to reflect and rewind.

While I still enjoy every song in the playlist, some stand out. Songs that I listened to a lot and became part of my personal heavy rotation.

Although I've tried to limit myself, I once again couldn't help it. That's why it became a top ten, which already was hard to pull off. And if you're curious about the other song recommendations, browse through Weekly5's archive here.


Launching full of anticipating brass waves carried throughout the verses by Tom Paul Fischer's longing voice, Porto switches into a different gear in its instrumental parts with a dark and mysterious synth hook and a deep beat.

J Mahon – Deadstar

Deadstar is a thought-provoking reflection on how musicians often romanticize self-destructive behaviour. Despite its intricate nature, this indie-rock track is skilfully crafted and will undoubtedly linger in your mind long after you've experienced it.

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