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May Recap

Check out five of our favourite tracks in the last four Weekly5 editions.

The following recap features some of our favourite tracks from the past couple of Weekly5 editions.

From intricate indie-rock tunes by J Mahon and the post-punk of Boston's innovative True Faith to Lxandra's incredible voice and captivating beats by Moyka and Julien Bracht. There's something for any shade of taste.

—Best, Janosch

J Mahon – Deadstar

Jarred Mahon from Townsville, Australia, moved to Berlin in 2019 and spent the following two years composing an impressive total of 230 songs. Formerly known as Emerson Snowe, he now goes by J Mahon, ready to embark on a new chapter in his career. Deadstar is a thought-provoking reflection on how musicians often romanticize self-destructive behaviour and the «live-fast-die-young» mentality. Despite its complex nature, this indie-rock track is skilfully crafted and will undoubtedly linger in your mind long after you've experienced it.

True Faith – In Vain

Hailing from Boston since their debut EP in 2021, True Faith's sound is classic post-punk and coldwave at its core. However, their single In Vain is a picture book example of their innovative spirit, with the melancholic piano melody accompanying the driven foundation and juxtaposing Travis Benson's brash vocals. And when the saxophone starts dancing, In Vain becomes ungodly great.

Lxandra – Let It Be Hope

Finnish singer Lxandra first and foremost engrained herself into my all-time heavy rotation with the incredible 2020 single Glide. The 27-year-old artist is gifted with an outstanding voice, the centrepiece in the latest release, Let It Be Hope, only relying on a touching piano and intimate vocal performance. And when her voice is multiplied to a one-woman choir, Lxandra gets larger than life, and one doesn't have to shy away from comparisons to some of the greatest singers.

Julien Bracht – Walking Alone

Techno producer Julien Bracht was featured a few times in Weekly5 and has steadily released tracks over the past months. However, with Walking Alone, the German artist outdid himself so far. The beat is unyielding, stomping, jack-hammering, loosely accompanied by a detached lyrical sample, and the synthesizers howl through the night like sirens demanding immediate attention.

Moyka – Already Gone

In 2021, Norwegian artist Monika Engeseth, aka Moyka, was featured with captivating hymns like Stay. She returns with her undeniably Nordic approach to electronic pop music this year, releasing the second single. Already, Gone is driven by a deep, dark beat over which Moyka layers her meandering, crystalline vocals. When the melodic synthesizer enters the stage, Already Gone transforms from a thoughtful, dreamy composition to an exuberant manifesto of strength—underpinned by choirs.