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Lioba – Paperthin

Hamburg-based indie-pop artist Lioba premieres her new single, «Paperthin», today with Negative White.

Nothing is more beautiful and frightening than the early days of falling in love. The tender nervousness, the pulsating euphoria, and deep insecurities go hand in hand. How long do we walk together through life?

In the stunning new single, Paperthin, Hamburg artist Lioba delves into the intricate interplay of emotions arisising in the beginning of love where the human desire for intimacy and the fear of being vulnerable are maybe as evident as they could ever be.

«With you, I'm feeling paper-thin.»

Paperthin closely follows Lioba's debut album, Magnolia, which released in February 2024. The single is officially out tomorrow but celebrates its premiere already today right here with an impressive video clip—featuring a paper dress designed and created by the artist herself.

Lioba composed Paperthin without overbearing gestures. The restrained instruments naturally complement her evocative voice, seamlessly meandering between larger-than-life pop and soul's warm intimacy and rhythm. Her vocal performance mirrors the duality of falling in love, both in its delicate and fragile but also the overwhelming and powerful moments.