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Launching Weekly5 Membership

Help to keep Weekly5 ad-free and independent.

Good morning,

Honestly, I’ve never been so nervous about sending out a newsletter.

Weekly5 is all about sharing great music. I started this newsletter one year ago to have a vessel for my passion. And gratefully, you and many others deemed it worthy of their time. So, after twelve months, I want to bring Weekly5 to the next level—together with you.

Today, I’ll launch the Weekly5 membership.

Now, you might ask: What’s that? Let me explain.

What are the expenses of Weekly5?

Weekly5 isn’t free to run. Costs for server, domain and licencing fees for tools add up to $400 per year. And of course, the newsletter requires at least 8 hours of work each week.

Going into the second year, I looked into different options to cover the costs. But I felt that clustering the newsletter with random advertising would annoy you and me alike.

At the same time, I didn’t want to hide the Weekly5 behind a paywall.

How does the membership work?

That’s why the regular Weekly5 editions will stay free. The membership is voluntary. Maybe occasional special editions will be only available to members, but I don’t have any concrete plans for exclusive content.

My goal for the membership is to cover the basic costs. If you and 14 others become annual supporters, the basic expenses and costs for rewards are covered, estimated at around $800.

What are the member rewards?

Rewards? Yes, of course, there are some giveaways for everyone who becomes a member. Here’s the breakdown of your benefits:

Member ($5/month or $55/year)

  • Good conscience: You’re keeping Weekly5 ad-free and independent.
  • Full access: Read the whole archive and get exclusive curations!
  • Personal curator: You need a playlist? Claim one from me!
  • Sticky love: You’ll get cool Weekly5 stickers.

Okay, I think that covers the most important questions. If you still have any questions or feedback, please reach out to me.

In celebration of today’s launch, you can get 20% off for an annual membership. It’s valid until the 31st of January. Click on the button below to benefit from this special offer.

Get 20% off for 1 year

I thank you already very much for considering the membership and support of Weekly5. Next week, we’ll kick it off with the first regular (and still free) episode of 2022.

All the best,