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Late To The Party

It is a shameful admission by our editor with five tracks he discovered too late. But better late than never, right?

Welcome to a special curation. What’s the occasion? While you’re reading these lines, I’m probably on the road back from my vacation in Italy. But instead of picturing me draped on the beach (Who wants that?!), you might have the chance to shake your head in disbelief about my lack of knowledge today.

Because in this edition, I shamefully admit: Yes, I’ve only discovered these five songs in the past few months.

On the off chance that you don’t know these tracks, consider joining my club. Maybe we shouldn’t feel that bad: It doesn’t really matter when we get to the party as long as we get there at some point. Better late than never.

Bragolin – In Those Woods

Released three years ago, In Those Woods by Dutch post-punk project Bragolin is a song for eternity. The mastermind behind it: Edwin van der Velde, best known for his contributions to Zwarte Poëzie. Together with Maria Karssenberg, van der Velde played over 40 shows, yet a sophomore album is still missed dearly after the debut I Saw Nothing Good So I Left.

In Those Woods begins with distant rumbling. Then, a stunning bass hook emerges, and the beat builds up breathtaking speed. In some regards, the song is pure-bred post-punk – classic as it possibly gets. The lyrics are inspired by a horror movie:

A growl, I stand out wide
But my axe has fear to strike
I see how it falls, I’m prone to run
Into those woods that hid the sun

However, the thick, electronic-heavy arrangement points to a contemporary take on the genre. Simultaneously a relatively refined and straightforward track, towering up and collapsing down like waves in rough sea. Finally, a song that might put you off with its dark ambience yet remains captivating through its irresistible drive.

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