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I Paid 200 Pounds to See The Rolling Stones and Remember Nothing

This is one part cautionary tale, part music appreciation, and part time-capsuled memory of a late-stage teenage mind. It all happened exactly a decade ago.

The year 2013. I, aged 22, was about to start my studies in journalism and decided to travel by train through Europe for a month. It was a surprising, sometimes strange, but inspiring trip that filled almost an entire notebook worth of recorded experiences, moments, and thoughts.

On July 3, the train left Zurich Main Station at 9:33 am for Paris for a journey that would end in London.

A day later, I picked up the most expensive concert ticket I'd ever bought (until then, at least). The Rolling Stones live at Hyde Park—Silver Circle access. 200 pounds I paid, and again 180 for two regular tickets I would later hand over to my aunt and uncle who travelled to London too.

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