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Analogue Snapshots of Clobber

Our photographer Evelyn Kutschera attended Clobber's concert at the «Underworld» in London—and brought home some analogue photos.

The UK hardcore punk band Clobber debuted in 2022 with their EP Tribal Rites of the New Friday Night. «From a style standpoint, the dudes in Clobber lean heavier into the punk side of their attack, keeping the tempos thrusting forward at a quick pace, while delivering the kind of dance-baiting parts that will tear open a pit in seconds,» Carlos Ramirez wrote about the release.

Since then, the band—fronted by barber Charlie Longman—has been on the way up while remaining truly angry. Yet, despite their aggressive, unfiltered, and uncompromising hardcore sound, they can also be unexpectedly catchy, as in their latest single, Council Estate of Mind.

Signed with Gallow's Laurent Barnard label Venn Records, Clobber will join Violent Way and Sick Of It All on tour.

On April 27, Clobber played a show at the «Underworld» in London, and Negative White's Evelyn Kutschera joined the crowd with her analogue cameras. The result: Snapshots which capture the rawness of Clobber's sound and remain true to punk's aesthetic.

If you want to know Clobber a bit better, we highly recommend this interview: