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Exclusive Premiere: HARTES PORZELLAN – All In Your Head

Today, you can exclusively listen to HARTES PORZELLAN's new track, «All In Your Head»—a rumbling and psychedelic rock song.

Attention. It is what All In Your Head commands with every inch of its existence. The rumbling bassline, the gnarly trap beat, the shrieking guitar. It's a noisy affair.

The new single, officially released tomorrow by Berlin-based artist Markus Nikolaus and Simon Kaiser under the name HARTES PORZELLAN, boasts a loud and overwhelming composition like an underground construction site—filled with smoke and reverbs, clanking, hammering, and sawing.

Hartes Porzellan – All In Your Head

Singer Markus Nikolaus, who found international success as the singer of Lea Porcelain, started with new solo endeavours in 2022. After the intimate and acoustic Never Let You Go, he now turns the volume up.

All In Your Head draws from early psychedelic rock; you'll find trace elements from the likes of The Velvet Underground. There's a flavour of krautrock, post-punk, and dark wave, all hiding and peeking quickly behind the towering sound construction.

Markus Nikolaus and Simon Kaiser deliver a trance-provoking track. Photo: Promo

While instrumentally, HARTES PORZELLAN wraps in many influences, All In Your Head is ultimately made complete by his vocal performance. The delivery almost seems detached, but his soft voice juxtaposes the brutal sound. And when he almost shouts the repetitive chorus, «It's all in your head», Markus Nikolaus conjures the image of Joy Division's Ian Curtis.

Together, sound and voice create a trance-provoking experience that fans of acts like Depeche Mode or the Beastie Boys might enjoy.

All In Your Head will be officially released on December 15 via the Berlin label Porzellan Bar, which is known for its unique parties at Funkhaus and other venues.