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Exclusive: Ginger & The Alchemists feat. Yet To Find – dive in (remake)

Tomorrow, Ginger & The Alchemists release a remade version of their song «dive in», a collaboration with Yet To Find. Negative White is exclusively presenting the track's premiere.

Vulnerability is at the core of their music, transported through the intimate and heartfelt songwriting and poetry of frontwoman Carole Brunner.

The Swiss band Ginger & The Alchemist released their debut album, better now, last November. In a feature for «St. Galler Tagblatt», Emil Keller wrote about Brunner: «Her songs speak of inner fears and worries that have probably plagued every one of us at one time or another. She manages to find words for these feelings, capture them on paper and carry them out into the world.»

Among the album's twelve songs is dive in, an urging plea for honest relationships—powered by a well-balanced arrangement of optimistic folky indie pop.

Let's break through the surface
I'll show you my sincerity
Want no longer be afraid of losing face
Let's thaw out, to let love in

Break Through The Surface

In a way, the original dive in is perfect, and any attempt to alter the song seems unnecessary. But you might take the song's message literally and break through its surface and find what lies within.

And that is what Carole Brunner and Daniel Eugster, alias Yet To Find, have done.

Ginger & The Alchemists – dive in (remake) feat. Yet To Find

Eugster usually sits behind a drumset—not only for Ginger & The Alchemists but also for artists like Nola Kin or Dino Brandão. However, with his solo project, Yet To Find, he dabbles with effect machines, an arsenal of instruments, in constant search for songs within songs.

Seemingly, dive in (remake) has little to do with the original. The lyrics are reduced to the pure essence of «Let's break through the surface». The piano plays as a reference to the origin. But then there is this reverberating guitar, which welcomes the steady beat and lets the track flow from its ambient beginnings into an atmospheric as well as danceable sound.

It's an astoundingly cathartic escalation representing the breakthrough demonstrating that it is possible to heavily transform a song without losing its meaning.

The song dive in (remake) will be released on Thursday, July 20.