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Edition #99 features the new tracks by Am Tae, Midweek, Vanita, oaielup, and Boris Brejcha.

Coincidentally, the 99th edition of Weekly5 became dominated by more electronic sounds. However, you can expect more than shattering techno beats.

There is Am Tae's enigmatic composition, Midweek's 80s reminiscence, and oaielup's cathedral-worthy synth hook. Even the more classic electro tracks from Vanita and Boris Brejcha both have some surprising tricks up their sleeves.

So, even if you usually avoid electronic music, it might be worth giving this edition an open-minded spin.

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Am Tae – SWIM (feat. MAROO)

Swiss singer-songwriter Am Tae collaborated with producer MAROO to create the eclectic single SWIM. Flickering synthesizers collide with Am Tae's mystical vocals, hovering over a garage-like beat. SWIM is surrounded by an almost gothic atmosphere, a dreamy ambience—pushing the song into the realms of avant-garde electro-pop.

Midweek – The Way

What if you take Bronski Beat's Smalltown Boy vibe and transport it into the 21st century? The answer probably sounds something like The Way by Midweek, a quintet based in Mexico City. The song sparks captivating 80s energy, interlaced with contemporary, even epochal, synth-pop that morphs into something utterly danceable.

Vanita – Let Me In

Switzerland's Vanessa Spolidoro, aka Vanita, has released Let Me In, a single that misleads you into thinking it's just another sombre techno track. However, Let Me In surprises the listener with a prominent piano and its almost detached dance over the stomping beat. Vanita creates something that features a distinct club vibe as well as conjures new spheres.

oaielup & TALYA – so drunk

Tiemo Hauer's latest endeavour, oaielup, sounds promising: Together with singer TALYA, the single so drunk becomes an opus, a larger-than-life pop composition heavily leaning towards electronica. The song quickly swells to overwhelming size and collapses into intimacy, over and over again. And the synth-hook is a sound to behold.

Boris Brejcha – Dimension

The masked master of minimal techno is back: Boris Brejcha's Dimension actually transports you into other dimensions. Despite the straightforward beat, Brejcha's talent lies within his playful style. There's not a single moment where nothing happens; he constantly adds and removes elements, building towards a constant discovery.