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Roman Reports

Edition #96 brings you new songs by Les Yeux Sans Visage, LNA, Hearts Hearts, Taranja Wu, and Compact Disk Dummies.

Les Yeux Sans Visage. Photo: Promotional

In today's Weekly5, we cheer to the long-hoped return of the gloomy Swiss band Les Yeux Sans Visage, question the state of the music business with LNA, and chuckle at Hearts Hearts' sarcastic new track.

You can also blow off some steam with Taranja Wu or dance away to Compact Disk Dummies. Enjoy another broad and handpicked selection of the latest music.

Les Yeux Sans Visage – Roman Reports

After their debut album, Tomorrow Is A Million Years, in 2013 and a reformation of the band in 2018, Les Yeux Sans Visage finally announced their sophomore record, Chair Of The Desolate. With Roman Reports, the Swiss quintet offers a convincing, eerie glimpse of their gloomy sound.


Thematising the workload of musicians, LNA's new single WANT WANT is not only bold fingerpointing at the current state of the music business but also a captivating track, drawing from R&B, electro-pop, and some Middle Eastern flavours mixed in between.

Hearts Hearts – STOP BEING POOR!

Austrian's indie-rock rising stars Hearts Hearts take a sarcastic stab at the rich kids' lifestyle with their latest single release, STOP BEING POOR! The short track comes with a rough, fuzzy groove that builds up to a massive, brass-supported chorus—demonstrating once more the band's hymnic qualities.

Taranja Wu – Leonora

After the early passing of the musical companion, Olifr M. Guz, the duo Naked in English Class is no more. But Taranja Wu ploughs on and presents with Leonora a breathless, raw track in the trenches between garage rock, synth punk, and gothic vibes. «It's out of control!»

Compact Disk Dummies – fomo

Belgian brothers Lennert and Janus Coorevits, aka Compact Disk Dummies, embrace the easy-to-remember melodies driven by synths and pulsating rhythms. Their latest single, fomo, is all about longing, envy, and the fear of missing out. It's electrifying and danceable.

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