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Got The Juice

Edition #95 brings you fresh tracks by Marlin, Bo Milli, Moyka, Panik Deluxe, and Psycho Weazel.

Today's hand-selected curation of new music features the up-and-coming talents of Marlin, Panik Deluxe and Bo Milli alongside more established electronic artists like Moyka and Psycho Weazel.

From upbeat R&B, frantic indie-rock, and dark synth-pop to psychedelic and mystic electronica—today's Weekly5 has you covered.

Marlin – Juice

22-year-old Marlin from Aargau, Switzerland, released a hymn to self-confidence. Juice is a compelling and fast-paced R&B track about being enough and coming to peace with being alone. With Juice, Marlin should definitely end up on any artists-to-watch list.

Panik Deluxe – full stop

Taken from her debut album, without hope I am nothing, Panik Deluxe's full stop hides happiness in plain sight. The Austrian artist juxtaposes the theme with the dark and vibrant synth-pop sound that encompasses the entire record.

Moyka – Never Say Sorry

After multiple single releases, Moyka presents her sophomore album, Movies, Cars & Heartbreak. The self-proclaimed Norwegian pop witch's track Never Say Sorry again features danceable beats intertwined with a 2000s-feeling and Nordic mystique.

Bo Milli – Making Friends

Making Friends is the namesake song from Norwegian Bo Milli's latest EP. The 21-year-old indie newcomer plays herself into a coming-of-age rush, influenced by growing up during a pandemic yet ultimately countering existential angst with hopeful hooks.

Psycho Weazel – bateau abstrait

The retro-futuristic sound of Switzerland's duo Psycho Weazel is as eclectic as it is engaging. The track bateau abstrait, released on their motif Ep., transports a nostalgic feeling of electronic music, decorated with slight psychedelic elements, and finished with flickering synths.

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