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Hollywood, you f*cked me good

Edition #94 recommends fresh tracks by Mary And The Sharks, Botticelli Baby, Mr. Linus, Rosa Rendl, and Fomies.

For the most part, today's edition of Weekly5 is a raw, maybe even unhinged, collection of songs. From the slightly drunken sound of Botticelli Baby to the spoken word punk of Mr. Linus to Fomies' fuzzy attitude.

For those who are enthusiasts of melodies, we can wholeheartedly recommend the new tracks by Mary And The Sharks as well as Rosa Rendl.

Botticelli Baby – Poems

German outfit Botticelli Baby is known for incorporating an impressive number of variables in their sound: punk, jazz, blues, folk, funk, and Balcan elements. Their new single, Poems, stalks in the verses but then explodes with the band's brass section, creating an addictive stir.

Mary And The Sharks – Hollywood

A sinister beat welcomes us to Mary And The Sharks' fresh track, Hollywood. The Berlin-based artist created an empowering, unapologetic anthem for starting over where the dream factory stands as a metaphor for a broken dream. It's dangerously catchy: «Hollywood, you fucked me good!»

Mr. Linus – faust

Raw, direct, and angry; that's the essence of faust, one of three songs on Mr. Linus' new EP, Aporie. The Swiss trio returns after their well-received debut EP, Revue, in 2019. The indie-esque, melodic sound juxtaposed with the rather spoken than sung lyrics creates an edgy yet fascinating cocktail.

Rosa Rendl – Stonehenge - Edit

Originally released as part of Rosa Rendl's 2023 EP, Always, the edited version of Stonehenge adds a lot of electronic elements to the piano-driven composition. As a result, Stonehenge morphs into a lucid electro-pop song, indecisively meandering between dancefloor and dream.

Fomies – Glass Pyramid

Hauling from Vevey in Switzerland's French-speaking part, the quintet already announced their fifth studio album with the single Glass Pyramid. The fuzzy, escalating song is a delicious treat for everyone in love with heavy-stomping, borderline psychedelic rock.

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