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Edition #77 dives into the hottest Swiss music releases and takes a detour to Austria and the United Kingdom.

Press play and dive into my latest curation—as always compiled by hand and driven by the passion for exciting new music. And today, also a bit of patriotism with three acts representing Switzerland’s sparkling creativity.

Sensu – Fuse

After last year’s fantastic EP Numéro LDN, Swiss electronic producer Sensu returns with the fiercely raving track Fuse. Dialling back the UK garage vibe, her latest song is a constant rush of fast-paced beats, foggy synthesisers, and an alarming melody. Sensu again marks her spot amongst Switzerland’s most exciting dance music artists.

Holli – Ein bisschen Zeit

Austrian musician Holli exposes his heart and soul in his new song Ein bisschen Zeit. Over a slightly wonky groove, he asks his love to give him some time to overcome his demons and problems. “It’s not your fault that I can’t find a comforting thought,” Holli sings. The contrast between the song’s subject and the upbeat indie rock seems almost insane.

1 track album

LEAP – SleepWalker

LEAP is an upcoming British band with a flavour of sadness and a talent for catchy melodies. Proven themselves with the debut EP 1 Million Pieces, the quartet has now released SleepWalker. The track trumps with a larger-than-life atmosphere, an opulent composition right in the sweet spot between captivating pop and solid rock.

Dennis Kiss – Bordeaux

Formerly known as the frontman for the band Dennis Kiss & The Sleepers, the German-Swiss musician kicks off his solo career and sings for the first in his native language. Bordeaux is shaped by forward-facing indie rock and a portion of postmodern sadness in the realm of artists like Betterov. However, the song reaches its unforgettable climax when the sax kicks in.

Catalyst – King of the Slide

No, the Swiss rock duo Catalyst isn’t celebrating the guitar technique but literally tells the story of a king of the slide on the playground who doesn’t shy away from any measures to defend his kingdom. Accentuated by a stomping, rumbling sound and significant irony, Catalyst’s King of the Slide is a heavy rock behemoth to behold.

King of the Slide, by Catalyst
track by Catalyst

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