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Edition #75 brings you a flavour of addictive beats, gentle melodies, and mysterious soundscapes.


Overflow is definitely a fitting title for this week‘s selection. With January gone, more artists line up their releases and choosing five songs becomes even more challenging.

I could have easily filled two editions. But Weekly5 is about limitation and, to some extent, sacrifice.

With that said, you‘ll get the whole experience—from addictive beats to gentle melodies—in today‘s edition.

Vanita – Overflow

Switzerland‘s electro producer Vanessa Spolidoro, aka Vanita, popped up on my radar a couple of weeks ago with the brilliant Symbiosis. Her latest track, Overflow, is all I wish for in a captivating electronic track: a steady beat to dance and a sinister atmosphere to get lost in the night‘s darkness. It‘s hammering, hauling, haunting.

Vanita - Overflow - SELADOR, by Dave Seaman, Thomas Gandey, Robert Babicz, Jonathan Cowan, PAUL & Anunakis, Pete Gleadall, Vanita
from the album The Selador Showcase - The Seventeenth Instalment

Pony Pracht – Aics

With Lomb, German newcomer Pony Pracht presents a fascinating debut EP filled with dreamy and mysterious soundscapes. Aics seeks eternity in its vast blackness, only enlightened by sparks of synthesizers and Pracht‘s fairy-like vocals. The song is ethereal, mystical, and almost otherwordly. But indeed, it lets reality around you disappear.

Aics, by Pony Pracht
from the album Lomb

Amber Arcades – I‘m Not There

Dutch artist Amber Arcades provides an antidote to heartbreak with her new album, Barefoot on Diamond Road. It‘s a collection of songs between singer-songwriter art and dark, dreamy pop music. I‘m Not There is the perfect ambassador for the record with Arcades‘ longing performance and violently fuzzing guitars. Nostalgia meets brutality.

I’m Not There, by Amber Arcades
from the album Barefoot On Diamond Road

Markus Nikolaus – Never Let You Go

After the psychedelic Bicycle Day was featured last year, Markus Nikolaus gets another mention with his new single, Never Let You Go. Nikolaus gifts us a beautifully honest and kitsch-free hymn to love, simply accompanied by an acoustic guitar that almost conceals the intricate composition underneath.

Rogue Jones – 1, 2, 3

The Welsh lyrics of Rogue Jones give their sound a unique characteristic. But 1, 2, 3 also trumps with its extraordinary composition, a fully-fledged escalation from its smooth, piano-driven origin to an ever more grande and brass-driven climactic march. Rogue Jones teach us how to properly build suspense and, later, create a satisfactory highlight.

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