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Call Me

Edition #63 with MISSINCAT, Bad Hammer, Lost in Lona, Sandro P, and Hands Down.

Bad Hammer – Call Me

An expansive pop ballad with an 80s touch that looks nostalgically to the past, to simpler times.

Bad Hammer are Lisa Klinkhammer and Johannes Badzura from Berlin. In November, their debut album, End Of An Age, will be released, which has already been announced with the single releases Everyday and Court of Love. The duo's sound blends powerful guitar riffs, thoughtful melodies and expansive synth pads into timeless pop. The songs are as emotional as they are driving.

With Call Me now follows the third morsel from End Of An Age. A piece that drifts over the subtle but demanding drum beats. The synthesizers set strong accents like bells, while Klinkhammer's voice—sometimes lonely in the spotlight, sometimes in a duet with Badzura—indulges in almost desperate debauchery. Call Me is dreamy and warm, bittersweet and melancholic.

Call Me, by Bad Hammer
track by Bad Hammer
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MISSINCAT – Calling Your Name

A reduced piece that puts the soulful voice entirely in the centre.

Caterina Barbieri, aka MISSINCAT, is a Berlin native with Italian roots. In 2019, I got to know her music via the enchanting track Oggi No, in which she sang in Italian for the first time. Since 2009, MISSINCAT has released four albums and numerous singles. After several years of silence, Barbieri returns this year with fresh material.

After Come The Dawn, Calling Your Name is the second song by MISSINCAT. A tricky beat and buzzing bass leave plenty of room for the mystical voice. Piece by piece, the song, in which the artist addresses those who stand in her way, unfolds into a more complex composition. The piano skilfully underlines the climaxes while the strings and synths paint the white surfaces—a finely balanced beauty.

Calling Your Name, by MISSINCAT
track by MISSINCAT
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Lost in Lona – Your Guilt

When the piano reverberates in the darkness, the tender instrument becomes almost violent.

As Lost in Lona, Lidia Beck and Konstantin Aebli manage the balancing act between intimacy and cinematic force. The next single has already been announced for the end of October, and the Basel duo's first EP will follow in November.

The melody that the piano intones in Your Guilt is sombre and almost threatening. Over it, often multiplied, lies the crystal-clear voice of Lisa Beck. Underneath, delayed drums drive the despair and the song forward. Beck and Aebli fit the acoustic and electronic puzzle pieces together with apparent ease. And yet, despite all the musical sophistication, Your Guilt sounds direct, almost raw in intensity. It is a song that winds its way through the auditory canal and creeps under the skin.

Sandro P – 21st Century

Individual streams flow together into an exciting stream of sonic excellence.

Sandro P, a fresh collective of musicians from Basel, Switzerland, who take all the liberties they can and run away with them. Their music remains delightfully indefinable, ambling somewhere between glittering pop, driving rock, spherical classical and spacey jazz. The debut album will be released on 21 October.

And Sandro P provide an impression of their exceptional sound with the song 21st Century. The composition—inspired by Philipp Glass, as bandleader Sandro Corbat reveals—sways back and forth between pumping drums, lovely strings and sharp guitars. And above it floats the heavenly angelic song of singer Andrea (Amoa), which tells of new beginnings.

21st century, by Sandro p
track by Sandro p
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Hands Down – We Are on the Run

A playful, atmospheric indie rock served up with Swedish artistry.

At first, Swedish musician and producer Filip Sjögren was all alone with his solo project, Hands Down. But after last year's debut Paintroller, his baby grew into a five-piece band. Together with Alexandra Andersson (Ember Island), Filip Magnusson, Felisia Westberg (Ane Brun, Iiris Viljanen, among others) and Josef Ask (Hemp Honey), Sjögren retreated to the forests of Värmland and recorded the second album within a week. "This has been such an inspiring and collaborative journey," he says afterwards.

We Are on the Run is the first single from this second work. It's a gorgeous piece of indie rock, lit by a yearning piano loop, driven by gentle drums, and taken by the hand by breathy voices. We Are on the Run is dreamy and exciting at the same time.

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