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Fly With Peter Pan

Edition #54 brings you fresh tunes by Palma Ada, ENL, Little Element, Anna of the North & Gus Dapperton as well as Flight Attendant.

In today's recommendations, you'll find a beautifully crafted coming-of-age hymn by Swiss artist Palma Ada—an ode to our lost childhoods. Only to delve into Switzerland's queer underground shortly thereafter.

You can expect to dance, or at least nod your head, to impeccable trip-hop, followed by polished pop music. The sonic menu is rounded up with some spicy alternative rock sound coming straight out of Nashville, Tennessee.


Palma Ada – Peter Pan

Slowly floating, increasingly building—this is Peter Pan, the latest single by Swiss art-pop artist Palma Ada. Written during cold London winter while studying at a film school—long before music was Ada's primary focus—, the track took five years to complete.

But the long process of Peter Pan was ultimately worth it, growing into a larger-than-life yet intimate coming-of-age hymn. "I think I've always been a dreamer and was afraid to say goodbye to my childhood," Ada explains.

The emotions run high when Moritz Schädler rips his guitar to soaring heights, and Fortunat Häfliger's trumpet lines Peter Pan with longing for long-gone memories.

ENL – Stärbe

"Uff!" The synthesizers buzzing, the beat cracking up the skulls. Stärbe, one of two debut tracks by Swiss newcomer duo ENL, sounds like the hangover after a night out—or maybe it's the hangover of life?

In Stärbe, ENL are looking for belonging in cryptic Swiss German lines, delivered in a spoken word fashion, while the violent sound rumbles. Only occasionally, the duo reliefs the hammering, revealing a more atmospheric, wide soundscape. "Uff," indeed.

Surely, ENL are currently part of the queer underground. However, Stärbe is the first explosive demonstration of creativity. A track that despite its aggressive display feels utterly vulnerable.

from the album STÄRBE

Little Element – Tomorrow

Hailing from Innsbruck, Austria is Lisa Aumaier aka Little Element. And the singer-songwriter is delivering us Tomorrow, a nostalgic and incredibly cool trip-hop track. There's no way to deny its addictive danger.

Addressing fears and insecurities, Tomorrow proposes to take the foot off the gas pedal, taking it down a notch, sorting out one's thoughts. Hit restart, and enjoy life. All sung by Little Element's dozy, sometimes whispering voice.

Juxtaposing her vocals is an intriguing sitar hook, creating a sunny, exotic vibe that enlightens the otherwise sombre, bass-heavy composition. It's impossible not to nod your head to Tomorrow's pumping sound and embrace the song's message.

1 track album

Anna of the North & Gus Dapperton – Meteorite

It's a valid question: Is there a song out there that starts with whistling that doesn't lift your mood? From Flo Rida's highly sexual Whistle to Pigeon John's That's What I Like—whistling seems the go-to recipe to create an optimistic pop song.

The same rings true for Anna of the North's collaboration with Gus Dapperton. Meteorite is as classic as an indie-pop track can get. Polished to shimmering perfection until no rough edges remain, a long-distance love song that is performed as a duet.

Love it, hate it, but Meteorite's smooth sound and the chorus' beautiful melody make for a perfect pop song. But one that still feels genuine, one that is pleasing but not for pleasure's sake.

Flight Attendant – dogs

Flight Attendant are a four-piece band that is currently making quite the fuzz in Nashville's alternative scene. Listening to dogs, the quartet's latest single release, hints at the reasons for the excitement.

Space rock, alternative, indie—all melting together in Flight Attendant's sonic output. It's a breathless, driven tune that never gets too noisy, but is too raw to classify as pure pop. Yes, the song wanders in border areas.

Flight Attendant play with a sense of liberated youthfulness, somewhat footloose, with lead singer Karalyne demonstrating an impressive range—from powerful to fragile.

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