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Edition #119

This week, we recommend the new songs by The Beauty of Gemina, Harry Dean Lewis, Emma Castellino, CHACHO &Friends, and Ramkot.

Michael Sele of The Beauty of Gemina, 2017. Photo: Janosch Tröhler

The Beauty of Gemina – Whispers of the Seasons

Ahead of the release of their new album, Songs of Homecoming, Switzerland's The Beauty of Gemina offer a glimpse at the record's soundscape with the new single Whispers of the Seasons. Driven by a relentless rhythm, decorated with meandering guitars, Michael Sele's deep, captivating voice takes centre stage.

Harry Dean Lewis – Blue Dunlops

An Australian in Vienna avoiding pigeonholes: Harry Dean Lewis demonstrates with his latest single, Blue Dunlops, a fantastic blend of hip-hop and indie soul. Equipped with an eccentric beat and sunny guitar hooks, the track is as wonky as it spreads a carefree summer groove. Harry Dean Lewis is a name to keep in mind.

Emma Castellino – on & on

Somewhere between indie approaches to pop and rock, French singer-songwriter Emma Castellino's new single, on & on, demands attention with its balanced composition and catchy groove. Castellino demonstrates talent in fusing smooth and tender bedroom vibes with a DIY-like roughness in her sound.

CHACHO &Friends – Moving Sand

Charlotte Viglino is a Swiss visual and sound artist. Solo, CHACHO calls experimental electronica home, but as a trio (&Friends), they delve into the depth of art rock. Moving Sand, from their debut album, is a vocalising dreamscape full of fascinating shades.

Ramkot – Zeppelin

Rock is dead? Not if Belgian Ramkot have anything to say. Loud and raw, this trio's new single, Zeppelin, howls through time and space—powered by an engine that runs on heavy rock'n'roll, oiled with drops of psychedelic sound, and expansive instrumental parts.

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