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Edition #122

Today, we recommend the new songs by Mayflower Madame, Little Element, Palinstar, Baby Smith, and Vanarian. Discover here.

Mayflower Madame. Photo: Astrid Serck

Mayflower Madame – Paint It All In Blue

In Paint It All In Blue, a teaser of their upcoming album, Norwegian duo Mayflower Madame roams the sombre field between psychedelic krautrock, hypnotic shoegaze and melancholic post-punk. But from this initial darkness, there shines a beautiful, melodic light.

Little Element – High Tide

As a sonic chameleon, Austrian artist Little Element effortlessly blends shades of colours and sounds. There is so much going on, so many elements adding to its unpredictability. High Tide is a fluffy, summery sound—irresistibly groovy spreading good vibes.

Palinstar – It's Time

It's Time for the debut single of acclaimed Swiss multi-instrumentalist Palinstar. Absolutely exquisite indie rock sound awaits you, flavoured with the heritage of previous decades yet dusted off by bold choices, fresh gimmicks, and heartfelt honesty. I can't wait for more.

Baby Smith – Dressing Gown

Two Australians who met in Berlin. Ray Sonder and Saxon Gable formed Baby Smith, and their new single, Dressing Gown, is a shining example of their emotive collaboration: A smooth but also expressive song, balancing quiet moments with loud explosions.

Vanarin – A fly on the wall

Vanarin is an Anglo-Italian band on a mission to explore the weird worlds of psych-pop. With A fly on the wall—the first single from their upcoming third record—they provide a stunning mix of unusual sounds that collide with a captivating, funky indie sound.

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