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Edition #121

In today’s Weekly5, we recommend the new songs by EMPIRICAL, British Murder Boys, Potochkine, Gurriers, and Kraków Loves Adana.

Julien Bracht, aka EMPIRICAL.
Julien Bracht, aka EMPIRICAL. Photo: Promotional


A flickering flow of synthesisers awaits you in LETZ GET IT by Julien Bracht, aka EMPIRICAL. It is not your traditional dance track but an atmospheric stream of electronic consciousness, emphasising the melody and details over hard-hitting, danceable beats. A dreamlike summer vibe.

Potochkine – Endorphines

The sirens wail through the night, whipped on by dangerous beats. Welcome to the world of Potochkine, a French EBM duo. The all-encompassing beats almost distract from the dark abyss that opens up underneath. Endorphines sounds uncompromisingly hellish and dangerous.

British Murder Boys – Killer I Said

Birmingham’s British Murder Boys are at the forefront of the UK’s avant-garde techno acts. In Killer I Said and—by extension—their album Active Agents and House Boys, the duo demonstrates an enticing approach to electronic music—weird, unexpected, yet constantly captivating anew.

Gurriers – Approachable

Rock is dead? Dublin’s Gurriers beg to differ. They remastered their 2023 single Approachable without killing the song’s essence: a raw, punkish track reminiscent of bands like the IDLES. The shouted lyrics pogo-dance with the relentless jackhammering rhythm. And the guitars cut like knives.

Kraków Loves Adana – Break My Own Heart

Announcing their new album, I Saw You I Saw Myself, Kraków Loves Adana deliver Break My Own Heart as a first glimpse. The Hamburg-based outfit presents a sparse composition, highlighting an 80s-inspired synth hook accompanying Deniz Çiçek’s vocals. R&B meets synth-pop.

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