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Edition #113

Today, we recommend to you the new songs by Zeal & Ardor, Deadletter, Past Life Romeo, Kaya Hoax, and Meimuna.

From defied expectations to refined punk, an exploration of futuristic pop sound, and a dangerous tenderness. It is a collection of five songs daring to go further than the safe space and find something exciting beyond.

Deadletter – Mere Mortal

An undeniable punk energy clashes paradoxically with a sophisticated composition—decorated by the signature saxophone. UK sextett Deadletter sounds unusual, even weird at times, but listening to Mere Mortal reveals their extraordinary sound in the most addictive way.

Zeal & Ardor – to my ilk

Announcing their fourth studio album, GREIF, innovative Swiss band Zeal & Ardor also released to my ilk, their first single. Defying expectations, it is not a thundering black metal sound but a haunting, poignant ballad. However, at its core, the song still incorporates the band's style.

Past Life Romeo – Sometimes, Most Nights (Palmistry Remix)

Speeding it up and dressing Past Life Romeo's single Sometimes, Most Times in a flickering hyperpop outfit, this Palmistry remix evocates disco lights and screen glitches. Between anticipation, excitement, and regretful hindsight, the Palmistry adds a lot of intrigue to the track.

Kaya Hoax – Hot Girls with ADD (feat. Magi Merlin)

With the help of Magi Merlin, Montreal-based Kaya Hoax draws from UK grime to create an experimental pop track. Hot Girls with ADD is like a conversation between the two artists, accompanied by an equally explosive and flamboyant sound. Exquisite.

Meimuna – sous la nef

Cyrielle Formaz, aka Meimuna, creates achingly beautiful compositions. Sous la nef, the second single of her upcoming sophomore album, demonstrates perfectly the Swiss artist's skills. All her tenderness, the soothing nature, the soft touches still have the power to pierce the heart.

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