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Edition #110

Today, we recommend the new songs by Hugo Trist, Harmless, Anna Erhard, Superdark, and Barbicop.

Hugo Trist. Photo: Promotional

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Welcome aboard, and enjoy today's roundtrip from Switzerland to Los Angeles, with a little layover around Berlin. We will serve you an exceptional variety of electronic sounds, a blend of driven indie-rock, topped off with some raw sprinkles of kraut-y psych-rock. Sit back and relax—if you can.

Hugo Trist – Say It, Mean It

Hugo Trist is Switzerland's emerging future garage enigma. Say It, Mean It demonstrates the artist's love for nostalgia-dripping 2-step sound. Despite the history's weight, Hugo Trist effortlessly catapults the track into a contemporary field of tension, meandering between melancholia and excitement. And the massive bass drones make you feel so small. What a banger!

Harmless – CYA

Formerly known as Twin Cabins, Harmless just released the album Springs Eternal, which deals with a near-death accident with a drunk driver. One of the eleven tracks, CYA, is especially intriguing: urging and fast-paced yet still airy. The song feels like a callback to early The Cure, blended with sun-flooded Californian indie vibes.

Anna Erhard – Botanical Garden

Anna Erhard was inspired by a joke Google review about how the middle of the Atlantic has terrible parking. She created a persona who is constantly unsatisfied, not even enjoying the flowers in the botanical garden. Botanical Garden is a warm and grooving composition, one that puts a smile on your face with the hilarious lyrics.

Superdark – Opposite Thumb

Opposite Thumb by Switzerland's Superdark roars and rumbles through a sea of so-called wisdom and advice to improve one's life. The raw, breathlessly pushing rock sound is a fitting anachronism to contrast the modern promotion of self-optimisation. Building up intensity, Opposite Thumb gains more and more despair but also energy.

Barbicop – Electric by Feel!

There was a glitch in the matrix between Berlin and Switzerland, and through the digital cracks, Barbicop suddenly appeared with a sound as quirky as smooth and ethereal. In Electric by Feel!, Barbicop tackles the ever-mounting pressure to be productive and to find inspiration. The atmospheric composition definitely puts Barbicop on our watchlist.

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