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Edition #106

Today, we recommend the new songs by Seafood Sam, Ride, Soft Loft, Luxie, and Chauffeur et Parlak.

If you have been here for a while, you know that hip-hop and rap is mostly not down my alley. But every once in a while, an artist captures my attention. Today, it is Californian artist Seafood Sam with his exceptional new single.

Furthermore, you can enjoy the latest track by Ride, a lucid indie-rock composition with some wave feeling. Or celebrate vulnerability with Soft Loft, dance to the psychedelic sound of Chauffeur et Parlak, or dive into an intruiging juxtaposition by Luxie.

Seafood Sam – Can't Take the Hood to Heaven

Full of lush oldschool West Coast vibes, Can't Take the Hood to Heaven by Long Beach hero Seafood Sam slowly builds up, cracks open hardened chests with its tender soul, and reaches unknown heights with its lavish composition. This track is eclectic, dramatic, playful, and cinematic beyond words.

Ride – Last Frontier

Interplay, the seventh studio album of Ride will be out on 29th March. With Last Fronier, we grab a first glimpse—and it is a promising one. Blending classic indie rock songwriting with a kaleidoscopic sound but especially a particular melancholic vibe, the single channels acts like New Order.

Soft Loft – Late

The fragility and emotional weight of Late mirrors the song's message: An hommage to the beauty of human failure, the chaotic nature of life, and embracing it all with love. Soft Loft's warm embrace is the last ambassador of Switzerland's promising indie-upstarts debut album The Party And The Mess.

Luxie – U&ME

French artist Luxie, inspired by 60s rock and 70s folk, teleports nostalgia into a futuristic outfit. In U&ME, her vocal performance has a distinct folky silhouette, reminiscent of acts like Lola Marsh. However, Luxie's singing is accompanied by an intruiging drum and bass rhythm—a combination that works perfectly.

Chauffeuer et Parlak – The Napoli Run

Zurich's instrumental duo Chauffeur et Parlak present their first single of the upcoming sophomore album. The Napoli Run sounds as hot as Italia's south and throws in some oriental notes to spice things up. The whole vibe ends up somewhere between an exotic outerspace experience and earthy garage groove.

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