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Edition #104

Today, we recommend the new songs by Far Coast, Mary Middlefield, Kate Birch, Ziska Staubli, and Gaspard Sommer.

In today's edition you will encounter a purely Swiss line-up of exceptional indie music from across the stylistic board. The dangerous indie-folk-inspired song by Mary Middlefield, the smooth warmth by Ziska Staubli and Far Coast, the experimental excellence of Kate Birch, and the glooming darkness flowing from Walter Frosch.

Mary Middlefield – Heart's Desire

Heart's Desire might sound like a love song but is the opposite. In an impressive composition, the latest release by Swiss singer-songwriter Mary Middlefield tells a haunting story of statutory rape and manipulative relationships. The song sounds astoundingly beautiful but never loses its slightly uncomfortable, dangerous ambiance. A stunning work.

Far Coast – Never Been The Person

Far Coast evokes a warm and smooth feeling with the new single, Never Been The Person, a song about perfection and failure to reach it. While featuring some 90s nostalgia, pumped through the track's veins by the drum machine, Never Been The Person brings a dreamy atmosphere to the table—somewhere between psychedelia and disco.

Kate Birch – Welcome To Paradise

A wonderous indietronica piece by Kate Birch awaits. Welcome To Paradise is an ode to the beauty of nature, the comforting connection it provides. The violin mimics birds chirping, the experimental composition flows and grows to multi-layered density that might overwhelm at first, but shows its beauty after like an opening flower.

Ziska Staubli – time for me

With a funky bassline in her debut single, Swiss producer Ziska Staubli reminds us in the most pleasing way to take time and figure out «who I'm gonna be». The short track sprays out glowing rays of disco beats in slow motion. The song time for me sounds effortlessly cool—and is a tasty appetizer for what we can expect by Staubli.

Walter Frosch – False Prophets

False Prophets might very well be the darkest, most dangerous sounding track by Swiss synthpop duo Walter Frosch. Slowed down, the song creeps yet still builds their signature wall of sound. After NYE, the new single again hints at an exciting development towards almost hip-hop-styled beats while maintaining a goth atmosphere.

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