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Edition #103

Today, we recommend the new songs by Moonpools, Evelinn Trouble, Tom Silkman, Chiara Dubey, and Laura Carbone.

Today's Weekly5 coincidentally highlight Switzerland's exceptional indie music landscape—at least for the majority of the selection. Moonpools are back with a breathtaking single, and Evelinn Trouble proves again her sheer talent. Tom Silkman invites us to relax, Chiara Dubey to reflect, and Laura Carbone prompts optimism.

Moonpools – Never Mind

With songs like Damaged Goods or Feel, the Swiss band Moonpools made a splash in the local indie scene. With the announcement of their upcoming EP, Hide and Seek, the quintet also releases a first and exceptional teaser.

Their new single, Never Mind, is an astonishing and densely layered web of guitar work—somehow simultaneously dragging downwards and heavy but also flowing and dreamy. Moonpools perfectly synthesise their dream pop melodies with a shoegaze atmosphere, especially the song's melody floating right in between melancholy and anticipation. What an utterly great track!

Evelinn Trouble – Started A Fire

Switzerland's Evelinn Trouble has evolved over the years to a powerhouse of sophisticated rock songwriting. Her latest single, Started A Fire, is yet another track that underlines this hypothesis.

In Started A Fire, Evelinn Trouble's voice shines as the driving force behind the song. The sombre cellos create a gritty and dark atmosphere that builds from an intimate beginning to an overwhelming finale. Despite the gentler moments, the song packs a punch and showcases Evelinn Trouble's emotive vocal range.

Tom Silkman – Falling On Feathers

With Yet No Yokai, Thomas Seidmann creates intriguing psychedelic rock. Now, the Swiss artist has released a new single with his solo project Tom Silkman. Falling On Feathers still has a slight psychedelic note.

Seidmann's hommage to making music wraps its psych vibe into a sonic two-tone dress of indie-folk and indie-rock. The result sounds warm, comfortable, and even relaxed, perfect for a summer road trip. Falling On Feathers also reminds me a bit of Mr. E's Beautiful Blues by the Eels.

Chiara Dubey – How to Save Myself

«How to Save Myself is about an atoxic place I have been, where I loved beyond my limits, gave all I had to offer to someone who didn’t see me,» explains Chiara Dubey. The song is an eclectic neo-classical pop epos.

Dubey's soft voice is complemented with a vibrant, textured composition, mixing electronic layers and strings. The atmospheric and ambient-like sound also juxtaposes the lyrics' vulnerability. The song displays Dubey's stunning range—a highly intimate but also strange journey to the deepest corners of the self.

Laura Carbone – The Good

With The Good, the German-Italian artist Laura Carbone released a hymn to hope and optimism. And again, Carbone pulls off the perfect blend of down-to-earth indie-folk and opulent composition.

But within Carbone's songs, there always shimmers this sparkle of timelessness. You can feel the passion in every little sound; a sliver of melancholia is present, evoked by her chamber-pop tendencies. The Good is again right down in this sweet spot—a beautifully crafted, flowing song to revel.

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