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Dawns Mystery – Tease Me

Switzerland's Dawns Mystery conjure the rough and gritty roots of indie rock in their new single «Tease Me».

Rock music is an anachronism—handcrafted in the digital age, gritty and raw in nature. As an underdog genre, one might even say: It went back to its rebel roots.

One band that celebrates these origins is Dawns Mystery, frenetically resounding in the streets of Zurich. Their new album, Hot Showers, is coming on May 10, but the quartet already teases us—quite literally—with their new single Tease Me.

The track celebrates its exclusive premiere today with Negative White:

Love me, tease me
I want you to strive with me
Let’s have a look and see
All we gotta do, is to keep it on and bad things will be gone

With Tease Me, Dawns Mystery tip their hats to hedonism, incarnated in the song's euphoric sound. The fuzz-heavy indie rock roams through smoke-filled bars, hot and sticky dancefloors; it blazes through nightlife's haze.

Dawns Mystery live on stage
Dawns Mystery know how to rock. Photo: Mathyas Kurmann

Despite the dense sound, the band grants the composition room to breathe and fills it with focus on the instruments—and a refreshing guitar solo, something that is almost a lost art nowadays. Tease Me sits right in the middle of the addictive melodies of indie rock and a rough, boiling vintage sound.