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Community Essentials #2: Autumn Songs

For the second instalment of our Community Essentials playlist, our members share some of their favourite Autumn songs.

Foggy forest in autumn.
Our community shares their favourite Autumn songs. Photo: Sebastian Unrau / Unsplash

The fog creeps along the meadows, flows between the branches, and tickles the colourful leaves. A ray of golden sunshine pierces the atmosphere. Autumn is here. It's getting colder, and the music gets warmer, softer, thoughtful, and maybe even melancholic.

For the second edition of the Community Essentials playlist, we were looking for our community's favourite Autumn songs. Here are their recommendations:

Fleet Foxes – Mykonos

«It just sounds golden,» writes Michael about Mykonos by Seattle-based Fleet Foxes. The song, one of their most popular hits, has a thoughtful vibe to it that matches perfectly with the autumn atmosphere yet also feels comfortably warm.

The Beauty of Gemina – I Come To Grief

I Come to Grief by Swiss band The Beauty of Gemina is their bluesiest track to date. Natascha tells us: «It captures a certain mood of reflecting on my life, what was and what could have been, on a lonesome walk through a fallen leaves-filled road.»

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