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Can A Review Kill An Artist?

There is a heated discussion about reviews in the tech gadget bubble and whether they can kill companies. Our editor looks reflects on his role as a music reviewer.

If you dip your toes into the tech and gadget bubble here and there, you probably notice a heated discussion around reviews. More specifically, the debate revolves around the question: Can a review kill a company?

At the centre of the discussion is Marques Brownlee, aka MKBHD, a YouTuber and one of the most prominent tech reviewers. Two of his reviews—one of an electric car and one of the Humane AI pin—are the main points of criticism towards the influencer. Brownlee later gave more perspective in a video but did not walk back his reviews.

I am always intrigued by these sorts of meta-discussions. For one, they are essential to build media literacy. On the other hand, they offer insight into how some of the most influential people perceive their roles as reviewers.

Highly Subjective

But first and foremost, it prompts me to reflect on my own role as music critic, reviewer, and curator.

The role of music critics has always been controversial, but it has undoubtedly lost relevance with the shifts in the industry. While previously often regarded as buying advice, a bad review could significantly impact sales.

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