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Black Friday Special: Get 50% Off Your Premium Subscription

With a Premium subscription, you not only unlock every article on Negative White but also support our independent and ad-free platform.

We have some exciting news for you today! As part of our early-bird Black Friday special, you can get 50% off a premium subscription to Negative White.

But wait, there's a catch—this offer is only available for 20 subscriptions. So, be quick and grab yours before it's too late!

With a premium subscription, you can access all the incredible content Negative White publishes. Take advantage of this fantastic deal!

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Why Does Negative White Need Money?

Although Negative White's team currently works unpaid, the platform still generates operational costs. Your subscription helps us to cover these costs and keep the magazine afloat.

Since we're firm believers in transparency, here's a comprehensive overview of our yearly recurrent costs:

  • Technical Infrastructure: $620
    • Includes CMS licence, server, tracking, and domains.
  • Tools: $180
    • Includes playlisting app and design, collaboration, and planning tools.
The yearly recurrent costs of around $800 translate to only 15 premium subscriptions. Please help us to break even.

What Happens If The Subscription Revenue Exceeds The Recurrent Costs?

Good question. Any additional revenue will be reinvested into the platform to professionalize our offering further with better tools, marketing campaigns, and more extensive reporting.

As a stretch goal, we aim to pay our contributors, writers and photographers alike, a small salary for their efforts. However, this is currently far away in the future.