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Annie Taylor – Perfect Pretender

Switzerland's Annie Taylor are back with new music. «Perfect Pretender» has all the ingredients an energetic rock song needs.

Photo: Fabio Martin

The rock quartet Annie Taylor just returned to Switzerland after playing a tour in the US with performances at SXSW and KEXP. 

Time for a break? No way!

Their acclaimed 2023 sophomore album, Inner Smile, laid down the tracks for Annie Taylor to stomp down the gas pedal as hard as they could. With Push Me, taken from the album and released back in March, the band displayed a melodic blend of alternative rock and grungy vibe. However, we were still deprived of their new material so far… until today.

Today, we celebrate the premiere of Annie Taylor's new song, Perfect Pretender, which will be released tomorrow. Grab your seats—it will be an electrifying ride!

The guitars growl, the drums whip relentlessly, a driven push forward. Written on a dark and rainy summer day, singer and guitarist Gini Jungi remembers: «After a drive through the pouring rain after rehearsal, I sat soaking wet in my unusually dark room and started humming this song.»

Perfect Pretender sticks out like a sore thumb in today's polished pop-filled puddle and rises like the messiah—bringing dearly missed rock anachronism back to the starved masses. The song screams loud and proud its raw heritage. And, oh boy, the guitar solo is like the first sip of a cool beer in the scorching summer heat.

But Perfect Pretender is not only a rough rock anthem but, as it is Annie Talyor's signature by now, there is always a slight notion of creeping anxiety and melancholia: «You got me thinking about… that I'm the perfect pretender.» Self-doubt as a subject that is simultaneously shattered with the exceptionality of Perfect Pretender.